London Rivers is in control and she loves taking Idelsy Love from behind.  Idelsy has no problem being controlled by the curvaceous blonde, as she’s bent over the bed with one leg lifted and London fingers her throbbing pussy until she comes! 

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London Rivers is in control and Idelsy Love has no problem being controlled by this buxom curvaceous blonde, she likes it when she gets some choking while tribbing, hell she gets even wetter when her head is pulled deep into London’s ass and speaking of ass – we get the greatest opening view as two oiled up butts are slammed together and rubbing, so beautiful.  As usual London still loves sexing up the brunette and she loves taking her from behind because she just loves that brown ass but when she bends Idelsy over the bed and lifts one leg, well we get an amazing underneath view where sex juices almost drip on the camera, you are there.  Love it when London takes control, gets behind Idelsy and oils her whole body concentrating on her throbbing pussy and again we are treated to gorgeous shinny bodies.  Idesly tongues London as the blonde is on all fours, so sexy and after orgasms she again goes after Idelsy’s pussy with tongue and fingers — two very hot hot babes with nonstop sex !!!!!!



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