Their first match was barely over before Kit Mercer and Audrey Miles threw on some sexy slings and went right back at it for another pussy submission match.

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Yes I must confess these two have become two of my favorites, Kit Mercer and Audrey Miles, they are so good together – everyone that saw that first episode was blown away and could not believe this was their first time in a ring.  Well they never left that ring after that great first romp and it continues, yes they threw on some sexy slings and went right back at it for another pussy submission match — seems the first one just got them warmed up.  The wedgies are so savage it has them crawling on the ropes, and the fingers go so deep they actually go over back wards, and those pussy pinches have them squirming across the ring.  Soon the string slings are ripped off and I do mean ripped as they stretch them beyond what we thought was possible – the gorgeous blonde and the spectacular red head are at it again with nonstop wild action that will blow you away.  Now you may think I’m exaggerating but really these two are wild and when it comes to the fucking, well those ropes get a good work out again as one of these beauties is forced to ride them as she is being ridden, the dick on that strap-on finds it way deep inside a wet throbbing pussy in many positions.  So get ready because this dynamic duo is at it again and they are a must see !!!!!!



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