Buxom blonde London Rivers was very popular in her first match for us, so we brought her back to meet Idelsy Love, and we are so glad we did.  The aggressive blonde quickly strips our alluring brunette from behind, and her fingers and tongue explore that luscious body, from breasts to pussy.

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Ok, it’s been a few months without an Idelsy Love movie and some folks are having withdrawal pains, we have also had so many fans asking to see London Rivers again, yes that buxom blonde was very popular in her first match against Serene Siren — so what the hell, lets put Idelsy and London together and we are so glad we did.  They meet in the bedroom where Idelsy is putting lotion on her oh so sexy body, London starts to tease her and this breaks into a pillow fight, those lucky pillows getting to smash into those scrumptious bodies.  Soon the aggressive blonde takes over as her attraction for this alluring brunette is too much, she strips Idelsy then from behind, where she can control her she has her way – fingers explore that brown body, from breasts to pussy.  Next the blonde drops her big beautiful bosoms on the brunette, on top she can kiss and rub bodies.  My favorite is when she drags Idelsy to the wall and attacks that lucious ass, then fingers and tongue explore her pussy.  Oh London makes sure she is also pleasured as on the floor they 69 and our big blonde has her pussy lips kissed and sucked before a wet tongue finds its way deep inside and this is only a small sample, there is so much more, yes more London and more Idelsy… and more is so MUCH MORE FUN !!!!!!



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