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This is the ultimate in sexual boxing babes, not just that they slam the hell out of each other but it’s also who they are: Milana Ricci and Serene Siren, yes two of our sexiest babes, the only thing they like more than fighting is sex. Both start off naked except of course for the boxing gloves and these gloves stay on the whole time. Back and forth they batter each other, with hard blows to face, gut and pussy and I mean hard, then Milana gets Serene in the corner where she wails to the gut, then hard to the pussy and when Serene finally goes down Milana goes full sexual on her, she licks and tongues that vulnerable pussy – Serene goes from being battered to being pleasured. Up and Serene now sends some wild blows to Milana’s pretty face, then corners her on the ropes and continues her assault till the brunette falters and now it’s the blonde’s turn to use her tongue as she spreads her victims legs across the ropes and plunges her tongue deep in that sweet pussy. Back and forth they go from slamming blows to slamming tongues, from wild boxing to oral ecstasy and for good measure they throw in some sensual tribbing. You won’t believes some of these oral positions, yes this is one boxing bout you will not forget — most definitely THE ULTIMATE IN SEXUAL BOXING !!!!!!