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Another new babe — where does all this beauty come from, how can we be so lucky: Alexis Malone and we have her paired with one of our sexiest babes: Vivian Fox, and everyone knows how sultry this slinky brunette is. Alexis is a buxom blonde who loves to get in the ring and put her hands on female flesh, hell she won the first match between these two for DT but now Viv wants a pussy submission match to get her revenge and Alexis is more than willing – so off we go. Both these babes get to work on their sweet breasts and boy does Alexis have long erect nipples that are just screaming to be pinched and the blonde goes crazy on Vivian’s supple chest. Not to mention what they do to the pussies, pinch those sweet lips and thrust those fingers deep – wow do these two have fun with their sex, add in some sexy tribbing and this match is amazing but then we get to the oral sex for the winner as she jams her opponents head deep in her pussy and screams with delight. A sexy blonde and a sensuous brunette going to town on each other – are you ready for another fabulous new babe – well get ready, she’s here !!!!!!