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Boy this is really the Barbie month, we had a smashing petit Barbie last week and this week we are blessed with a tall gorgeous Barbie Feels and to make it perfect she is going against the one and only Cassie Del Isla. Both these babes stayed late at work to find who gets the prize; Andrew, their boss who both have been sleeping with. Now this guy likes it wild so both ladies plan on proving they are the most savage, dirty and the most sexual. Soon they rip their work clothes off and naked they do some deep kissing as they strive to prove their feral ways – deep wet tongues attack their pretty faces as hands molest breasts. To the couch for more body to body fun then as each stands the other goes to her knees to show how wet and wild her oral is – and it is. Then some pussy to pussy smacking as the tribbing begins and gets them both extra excited. And it just keeps coming and I do mean coming with mutual masturbation and lots more tribbing. Yes this is longer than usual but sometimes you just have to stay longer — so tell us which of these amazing babes is sexy enough for the guy and welcome a new babe – we will be seeing a lot more of this BARBIE because she’s a real BARBIE DOLL !!!!!!