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Barbie Brill, look up cute in the dictionary and you’ll see a photo of this amazing little blonde babe, she is matched up with big beautiful blonde, Leanne Lace – so get ready, cause we gots another great tribbing contest. These are Euro babes so you know they are all natural and dripping with sex. We get a great little interview with our blondes as they tell each other how it’s going to go. Time for the battle and Barbie climbs on top first, pussy to pussy they start the rub – both enjoy it, it’s so hard not to cum when pleasure overtakes you. Next they go butt to butt and seeing these cut little asses rubbing together is the best – the girls like it too as again their pussies connect and the groans abound. Back and forth they go till may favorite when Leanne drops heavy on the petit blonde cutie and pulls her leg high so she can get her pussy as tight as possible and slowly she glides her wet bottom across Barbie – slow then faster as the moans get louder and louder till…. Yes. You like tribbing we got tribbing !!!!!!