Milana Ricci and Georgia Jones are done with boxing, but the gloves stay on and the sex is just getting started!

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In the first episode of this fabulous match with Milana Ricci and Georgia Jones we saw a lot of hard hitting boxing where these naked beauties batter each other then have sex and they have some voracious sex so where do we go from here — well the gloves stay on but the boxing is over, now it’s only sex and so much of it you will be amazed.  Wow this slim beauty from the Ukraine, Milana is a true sex machine – if you haven’t seen her yet you have missed one of the sexiest ladies we have ever had, you can tell she just loves having sex with women and she attacks sex like a starving animal and Georgia is more than willing as on the ropes they raise their legs so they can jam their tongues in deep, then fingers fill the wet void – on the canvas they almost crawl into each other as the sex gets even more intense — and tribbing is out of this world as they use their beautiful asses as well and pussies.  Of course there is fucking as Georgia straps on a big dick that Milana takes deep as she enjoys every thrust, she backs in harder and harder because these ladies truly love having sex… and always with their gloves still on.  Now I’ve told you how hot Milana is but how about Georgia, well this whole match got her so hot that even when it was over she went to the corner and got her self off, she rubs her wet pussy with her boxing glove till she has one last explosion of delight.  Young, full of sex and wanting to eat each other up….  Got to love these two sex machines !!!!!!



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