Marie McCray and Daisie Belle compare their luscious bodies feeling each other’s robust asses, then spreading their legs wide to showing off such sweet pussies! As these two beauties start pleasuring each other they do a sexy strip till they’re both naked!!

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Marie McCray and Daisie Belle, big young beauties that are new to the neighborhood and both like the same guy and this guy likes his ladies wild and dirty so they need to see who is worthy of him. They compare their luscious bodies feeling each others robust asses, then the sexy red head takes it a step further as she spreads her legs splitting that short skirt and revealing she has no panties on – showing off her sweet pussy, our big blonde can’t help but stroke that inviting center and is soon also splitting her legs to show off her exquisite pussy and now her center is being fondled. Such a great site watching these two beauties pleasuring each other but time to really show off their figures as each does a sexy strip till they’re both naked. But who is the sexiest, some deep kissing has them both so hot they have to fingers and rub pussies as they stand and kiss, we are treated to some incredible views as from underneath we watch this finger session. Then kiss those sweet tits while pleasuring pussies, both are so hot but who is the wildest? Tribbing may settle this – on the floor, pussies smacked together as they rub for pleasure. The sex bolts through their bodies as their clits collide – grab that leg, grab that ass, put your fingers down there and as their hips rise up off the ground they can’t help but shove their fingers in each other mouths for another wet sensation. Wow our big babes are getting so turned on as they ride each other and they are not done as back to the couch they go for more. The red head and the blonde are young new beauties – they are wild and out to prove it !!!!!!



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