Nesty is a blonde, sexy, natural beauty and Vicky is a big busty brunette – who catches Nesty nude in bed waiting for her husband!! The furious wife challenges the nude blonde to a sex fight, not realizing that  Nesty never turns down sex in any form!!

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A super sex fight — that’s what we get when a wife finds out a blonde beauty is waiting nude for her husband in their bed.  Nesty is this blonde beauty and she is one sexy natural beauty, Vicky is the furious wife who dolls her self up with high sexy boots and wild lingerie – very striking is this big busty brunette.  Nesty is shocked when Vicky shows up instead of Vicky’s  husband and challenges the nude blonde to a sex fight for her husband.  Nesty never turns down sex in any form, soon the ladies are on the bed kissing, and some kissing it is – these tongues dance, such a delight watching women that enjoy the sensual pleasure of tongues and not just tongue to tongue but when Nesty unleashes her wet licker on Vicky’s beautiful breasts, oh does she make that nipple stand at attention.  Time to go to the next level, tribbing – pussy to pussy they rub and when Vicky strokes the blonde’s breasts it’s just too much for Nesty.  Next they slide into a 69 and Nesty feels her top position gives her a sex advantage but when Vicky grabs those sweet butt cheeks, spreads them and pulls Nesty’s pussy into her mouth it sends Nesty to sex heaven! Nesty has her amazing tongue though, and uses it as a sex weapon on the brunette’s vulnerable pussy.  This sex fight is just getting started – soon one pins the other to the bed with her extended oral munching and the rhythm of that sex is captivating. Finally the big guns come out – a double sided dildo and…  two motivated sexual beauties in a wild sex fight for their man !!!!!!



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