Cassie Del Isla knows she’s in trouble so she challenges Milana Ricci to a double dildo fuck off!  Face to face they insert and we see their wet pussies getting deep penetration, then they go butt to butt! Watching these two magnificent asses with the same toy stuffed in both pussies is one hell of a treat!!

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Oh I know you’ve been waiting for the second with these two hotties, the first one was so hot with Milana Ricci taking sex control over Cassie Del Isla, she had her quivering with deep oral and even deeper dildos.  Milana in her sultry high black boots, sexy black stockings and jewelry enters early and waits for Cassie who shows up in her best outfit, naked – she also sneaks in some toys.  Once they square off in the ring Milana knocks Cassie to the mat and as Cass is on her knees Milana crawls under her and pulls that inviting pussy to her so she can work her magical tongue sending Cass to orgasm land, that beautiful butt twitches with delight.  Cassie knows she’s in trouble so she challenges the slender one to a double dildo fuck off.  Face to face they insert as we see their wet pussies getting deep penetration and then they go for may favorite: butt to butt insertion and watching these two magnificent asses is one hell of a treat.  So much sex left, great oral with one girl high into the ropes, then lots of penetration with both dildo and vibrator as these two super hot babes take it to the limit.  Two of our hottest ladies, two ladies that truly love sex make this sooooo enjoyable – your wait will be worth it !!!!!!



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