Vivian Fox and Cassie Del Isla wear the smallest of sling bikinis, just right for pulling some amazing wedgies!  Cassie quickly takes control as she tweaks Viv’s supple breasts then takes her to the canvas where Cassie sits on her and pinches those plump lower lips until they’re purple! But don’t count Vivian out too quickly, as she rolls on Cassie and gets her own fingers all over Cassie’s tits and pussy!!

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Vivian Fox, oh how we love that long lean babe – she is so sexy and always ready to mix it up and she better be because she is up against one of our favorites, Cassie Del Isla.  They both are wearing the smallest of sling bikinis, tailor made for wedgies that go deep into their fabulous asses and split their pussy lips – we watch a mutual wedgie do just that.  Cassie is first to take control as she tweaks Viv’s supple breasts then takes her to the canvas where Cassie sits on Vivian and pinches her plump pussy lips, oh and these lips are so luscious you will be overjoyed at the great close up our camera man gets here and as the spectacular shot continues those fleshy lips are spread so a finger can drill deep.  Soon both bottoms are ripped off but the heels and black stockings are left on, now Vivian takes over and gets Cass in a tribb position, she attacks her breasts then slides her hand by that perfect ass and now it’s her turn to seduce Cassie’s pussy, first the lip pinch then fingers deep and wet.  My favorite when Cass puts Viv on her side and goes by that hard ass and again to those plump lips but Vivian comes back with a vengeance.  Time for some fucking and Vivian so enjoys strapping it on, spreading Cassie’s legs wide then giving it to her missionary style, but she enjoys even more turning her over so she can look at that amazing ass and penetrate from behind.  These two exude sex and together they sizzle – you will feel the sexual vibrations when they roll into your room !!!!!!



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