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This is the second of the fabulous boxing match with Milana Ricci and Serene Siren, so many loved the boxing and oral sex in the first part – such a sexy boxing bout and this is the continuation of that amazing fight but without much boxing. We start out where we left off, with petit Milana on top and tribbing the hell out of the sexy blonde and boy does Milana love dominating the sex, she goes so wild on this tribbing that the blonde can take no more and now she gets to really dominate – on goes the strap-on and in goes Milana. To the corner she takes her prey, lifts one of Serene’s legs high on the ropes as those rosy pussy lips are beckoning her to enter and enter she does, splitting those red lips with each thrust. So sexy as both babes get turned on, once out Milana can’t help but suck on this now wet pussy then turn Serene around so she can bend her over and enter from behind. Then to the mat for more rear action as she pulls that sweet ass high and drills her cock hard, again to the delight of both. Again when out she can’t help but burry her face deep in this sweet ass and suck those lips to the groans of pleasure, this is such a sexy view, that perky ass high in the air as Milana’s tongue sucks and dips and with the aid of the stroking boxing gloves – yes they both still have their gloves on and they stay on the whole time. Seeing how much her blonde victim is enjoying all this sex Milana decides she needs to get fucked so Serene dons the strap-on and to the corner we go, again with one leg raised as we get the greatest underneath view, then to the mat for so much more ending with a sexy cowgirl position as Milana gets on top of that cock and rides it hard, so turned are both of them they can’t help but make out as penetration goes wild and leads to a surprise ending. Ok the sexy boxing with all the oral was really great but this fucking —— well — their joy can be your joy !!!!!!