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Tribbing has become so popular so it makes sense these tribbing battles are winning the day and you are going to love these two tribbers: Simon Kitty and Kira Queen, now many of you remember Simon, that slim bodied vixen with the liveliest breasts, well Kira is another gorgeous babe who also has a wild chest. Not just fabulous bodies, these ladies speak volumes with their facial expressions. You will be transfixed watching them strain to sexually rub that wet pussy right into her foes wet pussy, their faces grimace as they try desperately to restrain that orgasm and they bite their lips as the pleasure overwhelms them. Kira is the first on top, she pulls Simon’s lean leg high and drops her pussy on Simon’s inviting center and away they gyrate, wow, Kira’s breasts are almost as lively as Simon’s but not quite — nobody can match that wild chest. Each takes her turn on top and into many classic tribb positions, both vying to make her partner scream that ultimate pleasure song. Kira is a welcome addition who you will love — so if you love TRIBBING, you will find these pussy connections to be some of BEST !!!!!!