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We’re pleased to present this classic sex-wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting — remastered in full HD!

Hold on cause this is one hell of a wild ride, Abigail Mac is Wonder Woman and Cherie Deville is Cersei the evil one. We start out with the big Evil Clown telling Cersei that he can get Wonder Woman for her and she is all for it. Evil Clown lures WW in and a raging battle ensues, he blasts her with his magic wand but she uses her powers to deflect and a physical battle ensues where the wonder one beats the hell out of Mr. Evil, with killer blows she shows her superior skill and power but Cersei hits her with one of her power rays and now Clown boy can subdue her with a potion that makes the wonder one do what ever she is told, a limp beauty is taken to the bedroom where Cersei dismisses Evil Clown so she can have her sexual way with the wonder body. She forces WW to strip then to undress her but they keep their long sexy boots on – to the bed she throws her and we are off to some amazing sex as the evil fem forces poor WW to be her sexual slave, she licks cherie’s beautiful pussy then fingers and tribbs and of course the evil one is so turned on she now has to make WW come so she goes after Abby’s now wet pussy – back and forth she goes in this super heroine sexual extravaganza with orgasms that are also super sized, so hot they actually arch and shudder then pass out only to be woken and do it all over again. Super fighting and then super sex, because after a good fight don’t we all want some super sex and nobody can do it like Abby and Cherie – definitely SUPER IN EVERY WAY !!!!!!