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Sarah Taylor holds on to the top rope as Isabel Love pulls her long blonde hair while she drills her strap on penis deep, Sarah’s beautiful ass juts up with each thrust. The alluring Isabel so loves her control, she gets on the mat and has her victim mount her facing away as she rides that big dick. The sleek blonde has had enough and wants another match – we are off as the ladies go toe to toe battering their amazing figures together, first Sarah wedges Isabel against the corner and works over her pussy till Sarah gets her from behind and goes after her petit tits, then to her pussy – these standing bodies make a gorgeous look. Soon they have each other against the ropes as they raise those shapely legs while they rip the thigh high stocking off – these ladies are so much fun, they really get into it. So much fun watching new ladies love both wrestling and sex, these are stunning beauties, one brunette and one blonde. From tribbing to a butt to butt rub that is crack perfect. Sarah even plants her sweet ass on Isabel and forces her to oral joy and we get to see that tongue go deep. And yes, one lady gets that strap on dick deep — it’s Isabel’s turn and boy does Sarah love her revenge, hell both of them love it and believe me – so will you !!!!!!