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SHE’S BACK — yes, Tylene Buck is back and with some real pizazz as she takes on the wild Dee Williams. We start as Tylene is being interviewed and says her favorite move is a piledriver. Hearing this is too much for busty Dee, she rushes in putting the veteran wrestler in her place. Tylene can’t take this and challenges Dee to a match. Soon we are in the ring going through the rules and the main one is that the loser gets fucked by the winner, they strip naked and… Don’t turn your back on the wily veteran – too late, Tylene is in control and she is going to make those big titties fly, each huge slug and kick has that fleshy chest bounding, these are battering blows that shake the whole body. Tylene drags her prey around the ring, slamming her head in the turnbuckle, choking with legs and arms as she sinks her fingers deep into chest flesh, then digs hands into her vulnerable pussy. This is real destruction, even throws her foe out of the ring where she plans on preforming that piledriver. Dee is out cold so Tylene leaves to get the strap on for her victory fuck but Dee wakes up and just may have a surprise for the blonde. Ok there’s no penetrating sex in this episode but these nude beauties show us what a real fight should look like — get ready, SHE’S BACK !!!!!!