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We’re pleased to present this classic sex-wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting — remastered in full HD!

What do you get when you throw together 2 of the most perfect, most delectable bodies in the business? Spontaneous combustion is what!! Feast your eyes on a battle of the bodies as Ariel X takes on the scrumptious Melissa Jacobs in what has to be a sex wrestling battle of battles. These two warriors go at it trying to make the other cum and cum as an orgasm extravaganza begins. Scissors, camel clutches, chinlocks, arm bars, tongues, fingers, are the order of the day as one beauty traps the other in a hold and tries to make her helpless victim suffer, then orgasm over and over. The tide swings back and forth as both girls try to hold back from cumming, but to no avail. Explosion after explosion comes to each. Its a free for all when first Melissa then Ariel collapse in reckless abandon. Let me say that BOTH of these girls can wrestle AND orgasm like no other, and the battle becomes more and more heated. If you are into two smoking hot beauties who are totally hot for each other, and show it…this match is for you!! Each wants to win. Who does? Get this match and find out.