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Here come the big 8 again and they’re hotter than ever, first we have Christina Carter, Goldie Blair, Kianna Dior and Dee Williams all on chairs in the ring as they talk about new ways to make their strip clubs better, then she has the young girls come in to strip: Serene Siren, Cassie Del Isla, Milana Ricci, and Kimora Quin and strip they do but the owners want to take it ups a notch so they have the girls wear strap ons as they strip. Well this is really sexy but it causes some trouble, a fight between the older ladies breaks out and leaks into the young ones and we have a super sexy melee. Now the stripping was very sexy but this fight is incredible, first the older ones switch partners then the young one switch and we have so much eye candy you will have to watch this many times – we had to use two cameras and still didn’t get all the action. Of course those strap ons that the girls were dancing with come in to play or should I say GO IN to play as we have some fabulous scenes of penetration from all angles and positions. Yes this video has everything, from fights to fucken – and with some of the sexiest most beautiful ladies in the world. Like I said you’ll be watching this over and over and it will get better every time because – EIGHT IS GREAT !!!!!!