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It’s not a mystery what happens when you get two very sexy naked ladies together, although it may seem like it when, Agatha\Christie get together — ok, I couldn’t help that one. Christie Stevens knows that Agatha Delicious is trying to steel her man, she knows where they are going to meet and she plans on being there – the husband warns Agatha but she just smiles as she has been looking forward to this meeting, so much so that she shows up naked and ready for some body to body contact. Christie is also ready – naked with the mattress on the floor. Soon they are rolling over each other and we aren’t sure which is the dominant emotion; anger or lust. So much fun watching these heavenly bodies sex fight, each gets a choke on but is distracted by her desire. Finally Agatha takes charge as she folds Christie into so many erotic stretches: on her knees bent over backwards, from the side bent back, legs split wide and many more – with each she strokes Christie’s sweet pussy or her voluptuous breasts. We haven’t seen either of these super ladies in way too long but the brunette and the blonde are here to please – so sit back and BE PLEASED !!!!!!