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Milana Ricci is so angry, she screams at her older sister that she deserves all of dad’s money, she earned it and dad liked her best, so a sex contest is in order. Oh no, Cassie Del Isla on the other end says NOOOOO and hangs up but when she dozes off she dreams of how it would go… Cassie storms in and overwhelms her petit sister, Cassie uses her strong amazing body to strip her little sister, throw her on the floor and force tribe her till Milana is overwhelmed. Next Cassie rolls the sleek one on her tummy with her beautiful firm ass high in the air – high enough that Cassie crawls under and orally goes to town causing Milana’s amazing little body quiver with stimulation. Cassie likes the way this will go so when she wakes she calls her sister and says yes to a sexual contest and whoever wins gets all the money. Milana is overjoyed as she gets ready with her stunning sexual outfit, high boots and sexy lingerie. Soon Milana is in front of a stunned Cassie, who is this sexual being in front of her and what does she… before she can react she finds herself stripped and Milana starts her sex games. These are two of our most sexual beauties, yes, they are beautiful but more than that is their lust for sex — these babes love sex and you can feel it with all they do — and I do mean you will feel it !!!!!!