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Stretched, split, splayed and then replayed — yes, Agatha Delicious has Christie Stevens right where she wants her; stretched over her knee, legs split and hands suspended over her head – that beautiful body is on full display and ready to be stroked, both breasts and pussy are attended too. Then Agatha brings her knee high so the blonde can be draped over it, now that vulnerable pussy can really get the attention it deserves. Next sit on her face Ag and have her put that tongue in you as your sweet butt cheeks twitch with satisfaction. This is all just the appetizer for one hell of a main course, again the blonde’s legs are split but this time each is tied wide, hands are again stretched overhead and again this time tied. Christie is fully stretched, it is a glorious site and sooooo inviting – so inviting Agatha jumps on this inviting body and licks that amazing pussy as Christie strains at her restraints, the pleasure overtakes her. Next Agatha slides up to those scrumptious breasts and licks those jiggling jugs of pleasure. Oh boy, watching Christie squirm with pleasure as Agatha pleasures this suspended body is so wonderful – fingers and tongue inserted as she quivers with delight. Tied and loving it – don’t suspend your pleasure – watch the suspended pleasure of all !!!!!!