Georgia Jones wrestles Idelsy Love to the floor, rubbing oil over those luscious breasts until she gets aroused and rips off Idelsy’s panties to go to work on that inviting pussy.


Georgia Jones, a wild new addition for all our girls to play with, or in this case she does the playing as she controls the girl who can never get enough sex: Idelsy Love, that’s right the dark beauty and this ivory skinned babe are going to get it on. Georgia starts out wrestling Idelsy to the floor then oiling her up, as she rubs oil over those luscious breasts she gets so turned on she devours the sex happy brunette, first with deep kisses that get her so aroused she rips off Idelsy’s panties and goes to work on her inviting pussy, thrusting her wet tongue deep, now both young beauties are inflamed – they sit face to face, kiss, rub breasts and join pussies – slowly they tribb and stimulate each other till both can explode. Georgia now has Idelsy turned so the brunette pleasures her pussy as Georgia strokes her own pert nipples till she… Get ready for a new wild woman, Georgia Jones loves sex with women, so these two were destined to consume each other !!!!!



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