Aubrey Black shows Tylene Buck how much she loves to be in control with her strap-on, jamming that massive dick in so many ways she has the blonde screaming.  Finally Aubrey is finished, and Tylene is spent… or is she??

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We left the last episode mid fuck, Aubrey Black was giving Tylene Buck one hell of a fuck and she was just getting started with positions, Tylene soon finds out Aubrey loves controlling that strap-on, jamming that dick in till she has the blonde screaming.  Finally Aubrey is finished, and Tylene is spent… or is she because as they start dressing Tylene revives and even though they are half dressed Aubrey decides to teach her a final lesson – love the way their clothes are barely on as they continue their sex battle.  Again they go after those succulent tits, even bouncing and slapping but of course eventually they get to those tender centers, boy do they go hard on the pussies – Tylene even drags Auburey’s pussy across the ropes, oh the pain yet the stimulation —— and yes, Tylene is taking over, her second wind has arrived and she has Aubrey on the ropes, literally.  Oh does Tylene want her payback and after lots of destruction she gets to the fucking and I was truly amazed at how wild the blonde was, she goes crazy on Aubrey.  When Tylene straps on that penis she becomes a whole new girl, Aubrey sure wasn’t ready for this wild blonde – so many positions and so much fun, yes Aubrey is getting sexed so hard she starts to enjoy it —— BUT NOT NEARLY AS MUCH AS YOU WILL !!!!!!



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