Milana Ricci is like a hungry animal that can only be satiated by sex, and the slim beauty attacks Idelsy Love’s pussy like a cat at her milk bowl!

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Milana Ricci is as hot as they come, this is what I heard from everyone that saw the first part of this epic adventure with Idelsy Love.  Yes, the time they spent in that room was truly outstanding, so can they duplicate this in the ring… wow, the answer is a resounding YES.  Again, these two are so sexy you will love it — super sexy wrestling with these young hard bodies in a ring is everything you could ever want it to be.  Milana is like a hungry animal that can only be satiated by sex and the more she gets the more she wants, this slim beauty loves the ring, she has so much more room to practice her sexcapades – and all that extra oil has their bodies gliding.  The Ukrainian attacks Idelsy’s pussy, her fingers go deep and her tongue licks and sticks like a hungry cat at her milk bowl.  And the tribbing, these wild glistening bodies welded together at the pussies grind to mutual orgasm both in ecstasy.  Milana stays intensely aggressive, lots of chokes while in the throws of hot sex, even Idelsy gets into the throttling sex.  We will most definitely be seeing a lot more of Milana Ricci and I know Idelsy wants more, a lot more of this super hot Euro babe !!!!!!



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