Ariel X strips Tylene Buck naked and begins an onslaught of amazing holds to reveal Tylene’s naked body in ways only imagined before now.

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We here at FFX really wanted a match that DT had and they decided it was a bit too risqué for them so we have it, Ariel X vs Tylene Buck, now while there may be no insertion you will soon see how exposing it is.  Ariel comes to the ring dressed in wrestling attire while Tylene enters in a sexy outfit causing Ariel to make fun of her and Tylene challenges her to an arm wrestling battle, you will not believe what the blonde does to X during this strength contest — well let me just say it has Ariel furious and she plans on splitting the blonde and making her suffer.  X strips the blonde naked and begins her onslaught of amazing holds that not only reveal Tylene’s pussy but split it to an extreme and I do mean EXTREME.  These are holds that only a pro like Ariel can employ, so intricate and so beautiful, chokes and stretches combine to turn Tylene into a pretzel and the way Ariel uses the ropes is a thing of beauty, the entangled blonde is bent and twisted under and over the ropes.  The gorgeous Tylene has never been so exposed and in so many in incredible holds, pretzel girl will be walking funny for weeks and Ariel loves it so !!!!!!



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