Georgia Jones is about to find out if sex dynamo Milana Ricci can box – and if she can take a licking!  Both ladies use their teeth to pull their foe’s tops up and punch their tender titties, then lick each other right through those tight boxing shorts!

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She was such a big hit we had to bring her right back, Milana Ricci – what a sex dynamo but can she box?  That’s exactly what Georgia Jones is about to find out, yes these two beauties are going to do some banging and after posing their sexy bodies they get ready…  before the first blow Georgia plants a deep kiss on her foe and Milana is overwhelmed but we soon find out she can box as she slams Georgia hard in the gut and face but Ms. Jones comes back with her own barrage of slugs then takes Milana down and sucks her pussy through her shorts – well this is definitely not your normal boxing bout.  Both ladies use their teeth to pull their foe’s tops up and punch their tender tities, those breasts bounce with each punch.  So battered and hot they take off all their clothes except boots and gloves and soon we have a winner, who pushes her rival into the ropes and uses her gloves to rub her pussy then licks her sweet ass and dip her tongue into that vulnerable pussy.  The gloves stay on as the sex takes over, from boxing banging to sex banging as these ladies use the the ropes in so many unique ways, they orally take each other to orgasmic limits, and still use those gloves to stroke wet pussies — wow is this hot.  These beauties can bang in so many ways — boxing like you have never seen – get ready, Milana and Georgia are one hell of a fighting sex duo !!!!!!



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