Two of the best babes in all of Europe, Minnie Manga and Nikky Thorn, join the FFX team! The holds are incredible and the sex is amazing as two gorgeous grapplers rub vulnerable pussies and suck tender breasts until they squeal with delight– then work their way into another hold!!

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Finally we have the Euro girls doing a sexual fight and for their introduction we have two of the best babes in all of Europe: Minnie Manga vs. Nikky Thorn, these are not only gorgeous ladies but fabulous grapplers, babes that you have seen battle at DT.  We will be introducing a whole host of new babes that are anxious to make our sex wrestling movies in Europe and they will cost a lot less there.  And if you want to see how sex fighting is done watch this movie because these two beauties role hard and sex hard.  They battle just to get their clothes off, then deep kisses are stolen and enjoyed – the struggle is amazing as they get into incredible holds that allow them to rub their vulnerable pussies or suck their tender natural breasts till they squeal with delight but work their way into another hold.  Such  athletic bodies that move so smoothly from one hold to the next and always after that elusive orgasm — this is very entertaining wrestling and the sex is an added bonus. It’s wild and nonstop only the young and athletic could do this, muscles flex and nipples harden because they are two of the very best.  Finally that last amazing hold that allows one babe to rub, rub, rub that pussy till we have an explosion !!!!!! 



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