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Play Misty for me — yes please play with Misty, because playing with Misty Stone is the ultimate and fighting and playing with her is even better and that exactly what Prinzzess is planning when she sneaks up behind Misty and applies a good choke.  That a girl Prinzzess, you have found out what it takes to beat this wild black beauty — cheat.  And when you get her down stay after her, strip her and put her in holds that allow you to spank that rock hard ass, then put your fingers deep in that juicy pussy, more holds more fun… wait, this is Misty Stone and while Prinzzess is one tough babe keeping Misty down is a real task.  Oops, Misty gets loose, now there will be hell to pay… hell comes in the form of many amazing holds and all are to put the gorgeous blonde in controlled sex positions where she can spank that blonde ass or insert a vibrator deep in her sweet pussy.  Misty steps on her hair, pulls that great ass up and spanks away, then rolls her over to work over her pussy and this is just the beginning of the Misty treatment.  Playing with Misty can be very dangerous to your health, poor Prinzzess will never forget this amazing fight… HOLDS, SEX AND DOMINANCE with two gorgeous wild women — ENJOY !!!!!!



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