No clothes in this one – Misty Stone and Prinzzess start out nude and anxious to destroy. Prinzzess goes crazy on our black beauty though, she pinches the hell out of Misty’s pussy, then stretches and pulls those perky nipples to their pain-filled limit!

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REVENGE — oh how sweet it is – and Prinzzess has been waiting sooooo long but her revenge is so sweet and so devastating for Misty Stone, and you get to watch every excruciating bit of it.  No clothes in this one, they start out nude and anxious to destroy but it’s our blonde vixen that gets the upper hand and she never lets go, yes the Prinzzess goes crazy on our black beauty, she pinches the hell out of her pussy, then rams her fingers deep in that ebony center and Prinn does not forget those perky nipples, no they get stretched to the limit then pinched to their pain filled end.  Oh it doesn’t quit there, no our blonde beauty is having way tooooo much fun — so may times Misty has had her way with Prinzzess and now the tables have turned, they are upside down and landing on Misty.  So much abuse and now she gets to fuck the raven beauty, so get ready because from behind she sinks it deep and then throws Misty on top for more — deep and hard and so much joy, it’s her turn and we will all find some joy in it — REVENGE can be so entertaining !!!!!!


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