Cassie Del Isla is screwing Kimora Quin‘s husband, but she says she will quit with him if Kimora agrees to a sex contest. Kim puts Cassie on the couch and has her way with the the dazed beauty, pulling her top off, kissing her and stroking her pussy! Then she strips Cassie and throws her to the floor on all fours, where Kimora crawls underneath her and gets to work with her tongue!!

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Kimora Quin, not your normal Asian, no – this lady is a big girl, oh and what a beauty but Cassie Del Isa is fucking her husband and she is going to end it – the only problem is Cassie is the head of a mob gang and she has found out Kimora is an undercover cop. They talk on the phone and Cassie says yes she is screwing her husband to get back at her and she will quit with him if Kimora agrees to a sex contest. The contest is on but Kim has some surprises for for her mob foe, she dresses in a stunning way with her big shinny boots, tight corset and black stockings – she is stunning enough to disarm her foe. How right she is, this extremely tall Asian enters and Cassie is stunned and Kimora takes advantage. Kim puts Cassie on the couch and has way with the the dazed beauty, pulls her top off, kisses her and strokes her pussy, then strips her and throws her to the floor where Cassie is on all fours and Kimora crawls underneath her, she pulls that amazing butt down till her mouth reaches that pussy and she begins stimulation – such a beautiful site, gorgeous tan Cassie being stimulated by this statuesque Asian. From underneath we see Kim’s tongue entering Cassie’s tender center -soooo sexy this pose of sexuality and the angle from behind showing Cassie’s butt is even better. Then Kimora rolls her over, spreads Cassie’s legs and again enters that sweet pussy. This is just the beginning of our sexual odyssey between two amazing beauties where Kimora sits the naked Cassie on the floor spreads her lets and uses her vibrator, then we have the real fun as they whip out a two ended dildo and from doggy style both beauties are entered, it’s a mutual fuck and Both are stimulated to the max. And this is only the beginning — how lucky are we, two of the most beautiful women in the world in a sex contest that GOES ALL THE WAY !!!!!!



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