Cassie Del Isla has strapped on her dick and is giving it to christina Savoy from behind, but this one is far from over!! Christina turns the tables and soon has Cassie down on the mat where she splits those legs wide and plugs her fingers in Cassie’s wet pussy!!

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From the reaction of the first episode with Cassie Del Isla and Christina Savoy, this big blonde is a hit, now we know Cassie has become one of our favorites but now we have a new big beautiful blonde.  They start right where we left off – Cassie has strapped on her dick and is giving it to big blondie from behind and oh what a nice behind this babe has, Cassie seems to think so too, then of course Cass has her kneel in front of her to suck her dick but this one is far from over, no the big blonde thinks she’s got the hang of this and wants a second chance.  They are naked except for those sexy stockings, Christina did learn from that first one as she soon has Cassie down and is driving her finger as deep as it will go, Cassie’s succulent center sucks that finger all the way in.  Cassie’s turn as in the corner she traps big blondie and pinches her pussy then to the canvas, now it’s her turn to see how deep she can plunge her fingers.  Time for some fabulous rolling as these two bodies intertwine, then some mutual pussy pinching and mutual breast mauling. But here comes blondie, she splits Cassie’s legs wide and plugs her fingers in that now soaked pussy, the view we get of her perfect body – wow. Christina is really in control now with all kinds of sexy dominating positions as she woman handles our brown beauty.  Now it’s her turn to strap on the power and she soon has Cassie on all fours so she can plug her hard toy deep as she rubs that beautiful tan ass, then roll her over for our favorite – splitting those bent legs showing us the fabulous site of this penetration, Cassie hates her defeat but loves her sex.  Yes, we all love Cassie but this tatted blonde adds a new perspective on sexual fighting.  You love em and we got em – so ENJOY !!!!!!



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