Hot Kimora Quin and busty Dee Williams start out in tight sexy work out clothes as Dee gives fighting instructions. Dee has a real fondness for beautiful women though, so it doesn’t take for her to get Kimora nude, and what better way to work over your opponent than to sex her up??

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Kimora Quin is a striking beauty and becoming a very popular lady so she wanted to get some wrestling lessons from a veteran and non other than the amazing Dee Williams is brought in. Both ladies are in their tight sexy work out clothes as Dee starts to give fighting directions but Dee has a real fondness for beautiful women so as she instructs she can’t help but notice this amazing figure before her – this Asian is tan and so tall, those legs just never stop and that ass is soooo firm. Eventually Dee decides they would both be more comfortable with their tops off and Dee frees her extra large breasts. Soon they are rolling topless and it doesn’t take Dee long to drop one of her large tits on Kim’s face covering all of her beautiful visage. Soon the instruction turns to getting the bottoms off your opponent and soon Kimora is nude – what the hell Dee joins her and while they’re at it they decide to oil up, now Dee can instruct her on nude oil wrestling and what better way to work your opponent than to sex her up – Kimora is so into this. Both ladies get so turned on they can’t keep their hands off each other, Dee manages to hold the long sexy one from behind while licking her nipple and fingering her all at the same time. Oh the erratic stretching positions Kimora hits while being sexed are fabulous, Dee has her do the splits while rubbing her pussy, then rolls her over and brings that fine ass high to play it like an instrument of delight and Kim gets in the action when a 69 has both their tongues in action. Wow – what a lesson, we can all learn a lot from this teacher — never has school been so much fun !!!!!!



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