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That first section was one hell of a fun wrestling match, Dee Williams and Tylene Buck went wild on each other and everyone that saw it agreed, so how can it get better… sex, wild wrestling sex – wild dominating sex. We start where last we left off, Dee has Tylene from behind and is working over her naked body, those supple breasts are tweaked and squeezed, then on her side she rolls Tylene so she can get to her pussy for breast and pussy mauling. Dee now really goes crazy on her poor foe with a savage backbreaker, a camel clutch and more till Tylene surrenders – and surrender means… SEX. Yes Dee is taking control, she straps on the strap-on and while the blonde is on her knees Dee makes her suck till she has that dick dripping – time to go deep as from behind she attacks that butt till her slick dick fills that wet pussy, harder deeper – she pulls the blonde hair stretching Tylene back, not deep enough so she pulls both of Tylene’s arms back as she sends her dick all the way in. Now roll the blonde over, spread her legs wide and lay her missionary style, then to cowgirl as on top Tylene dances on that dick sending her breasts a bouncing and still voluptuous Dee is not finished, not by a long shot. Get ready, you thought the wrestling was amazing – well add the sex and that wrestling becomes – SEXTACULOUS !!!!!!