Misty Stone, Anna Foxxx and Ivy Sherwood, three of the sexiest black girls on the planet, are going at it with over forty five minutes of some of the best fight and sex action you will ever see! This 46 minute extra length video is an XtremeFemaleFighting Classic!

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We’re pleased to present this classic sex-wrestling match from XtremeFemaleFighting – remastered in full HD for the first time! CAN YOU HANDLE THIS – I DON’T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THIS! This sucker is screaming hot, three of the sexiest black girls on the planet are going at it with what can only be called – the real black power. Misty Stone, Anna Foxxx and Ivy Sherwood are filling the screen with over forty five minutes of some of the best fight and sex action you will ever see. Misty is on the phone when Anna comes in wearing a pink leopard bikini from the gang – Misty is crazy with anger because Anna wants to lead the gang but Misty knows Ivy is the leader and Misty is her enforcer. Anna is out to prove she deserves to be in control as she jumps Misty and proceeds to strip her and beat her down, she gets her from all angles; rides her back while smacking and gouging Misty’s perfect ass, then on her gut while she chokes and goes for her pussy, Anna is giving it to her good but just when she has her almost destroyed Ivy steps in. Now these two square off to see who will be the leader of the gang and with a low blow Anna again takes control, she strips the sexy Ivy then beats her hard as she rams her fingers in her pussy to show she is the real boss – almost has her choked out but – yes to the rescue, Misty. Two on one revenge and how sweet it is, they stretch and choke the gorgeous Anna in all possible directions and then show her who’s boss with some real sexual dominance, Ivy makes the gorgeous Anna lick her pussy as she wraps her legs tight around her head – never have we seen Ivy so dominate AND WE LIKE IT. Then Misty straps on the dildo and Anna gets some hard fucking as they suspend her in erotic positions – then it’s Ivy’s turn to strap on and fuck hard – this hard banging has all three of them turned on as they eat each other out during the fucking. So turned on are Misty and Anna they can’t stop and tribb each other in all kinds of hot positions, especially like it when their butts and pussies grind hard. Now it’s Misty’s turn to get that big dick in her as Ivy slams it in from behind while Misty is licking Anna’s pussy – wow watching Ivy’s tits jiggle as she slams away at Misty’s beautiful butt is a wonder you will want to behold. These girls are so gorgeous and love sex so much, you will know none of their joy is faked. This is all just too much, I mean it, over forty five minutes of nonstop fighting and sex will wear you out – one of the best ever so – CAN YOU HANDLE THIS ?!?!?!?



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