Keri Spectrum is one hot Super Girl, but an evil Ariel X has kryptonite all over her tongue and our poor heroine is growing weak!


Keri Spectrum is one hot Super Girl, with her hands on her hips in her haughty heroine pose she exudes confidence when in struts the evil Black Widow (Ariel X).  This black bitch talks some real trash but it doesn’t phase our imposing Super, no, she knows her powers are superior to anything this evil… what’s this a kiss, a deep tonguing – Keri is stunned, she is more than stunned she is confused, wobbly.  That damn Black Widow has kryptonite all over her tongue and now our poor heroine is growing weak.  Oh does BW enjoy taking advantage of her, she throws her in the corner for more deep kisses, then down to the canvas where she rides her ass, telling Super Girl she knows she’s a virgin and she eventually will get her but for now just enjoys riding this virgin ass.  That black bitch pulls her top down so she can molest those magnificent super breasts, she torments our poor heroine as she sucks on her toes, then makes Super Girl swallow her toes – in her mouth they go and forced to suck all.  Then the holds, a camel clutch with fish hooks that distort that pretty face.  Black Widow so loves tearing off all her costume leaving super in just a tiny g-string – so embarrassing and she lifts her high just to show who is the strongest now.  Many more holds and all with BW talking so dirty to her, and when ever she gets too much energy BW just gives her a good deep kiss – if all of this wasn’t bad enough out comes the vibrator.  Yes in her bag of tricks BW has a vibrator that she gleefully rubs all over Keri’s body.  Keri has never been so destroyed — ok there’s no penetration, but boy does Ariel get off on sexing her up in every other way she can.  Two of the very best – together they are magnificent !!!!!!!



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