Wrestling icon Tylene Buck gets into a full on sex fight against new super star Aubrey Black – and the winner gets to strap on that strap-on and pump the loser’s pussy with an extra long dick!


She is an icon in the industry, Tylene Buck, so getting her in a full on sex fight was a must for Femfighters and who better to give her a real battle than a woman who has become one our new super stars, the great Aubrey Black – so get ready to RUMBLE.  Both these beauties are seething, days before they had a fight that will eventually be on the Double Trouble site, they really went at each other and some bad blood ensued – now both are looking for revenge.  It’s a multi fall pussy attack match and soon they are both giving and getting savage wedgies, that blonde butt really gets split and boy does Aubrey love separating those ass cheeks but don’t think Tylene doesn’t get her fingers in the pie as she injects them deep into Ms. Black’s tender center.  And both ladies get in some fierce pinching, between thumb and forefinger those pussy lips get squeezed till only their screams can be heard.  Don’t think their gorgeous breasts are spared, no those nipples get their share of tortuous pinching and slaps… and now nude, all of this gets taken up a notch as our babes really get wild, both finger and thumbs penetrate pussies.  The winner gets to strap on that strap-on and use an extra long dick on the loser, that gives Aubrey all the energy she need to beat the blonde and strap it on — she goes deep and hard, she loves it so… an icon fucking Tylene won’t soon forget !!!!!!



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