Beautiful blonde Kit Mercer wants more and bad girl brunette Silvia Saige is eager to give it to her. In one piece sultry slings they trade killer wedgies that split their great asses and part their protruding pussy lips.

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Kit Mercer wants revenge in this second half, she just can’t believe this newbie brunette Silvia Saige got the best of her.  Our beautiful blonde wants more and Silvia is eager to give it to her, they don their one piece sultry slings, so small they are good for only one thing, killer wedgies that split their great asses and part their protruding pussy lips.  Such firm beautiful bodies rolling over each other, Kit smashes her ample breasts into Silvia’s then both ladies pull their nipples in a stretch of incredible pain, nipples and pussy lips pinched and pulled.  Next the fingers go deep in the now wet pussies, first one finger then two find their way in.  Sleek strong bodies, we can see their muscles flex as they square off pushing and pulling till one pushes her foe to the corner where she can go hard on crotch and breasts.  Finally they get so hot they start tribbing, sliding and rubbing as each takes a turn on top, hotter and harder they rub till finally we have winner.  Now it’s Kit’s turn to put that strap on dick in deep, she so loves her sexy revenge as from behind she plunges deep into that great ass now both start to enjoy the revenge, then to the ropes for more deep fucking, are those yells of joy, deeper and harder, more moans and groans as these wonderful bodies collide !!!!!!



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