Rapture returns, and this time she’s after a great new lady Becky Bandini. When Rapture stretches Becky back and attacks, the view of those gorgeous breasts jutting out is glorious to behold!

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You all wanted more Rapture, so we will be shooting a lot more of her to come including this fabulous one with a great new lady Becky Bandini, this is one hot lady – when Rapture stretches Becky back and attacks her breasts it is a glorious site to behold as those gorgeous breasts jut out.  Another great wedgie attack match, where breasts and crotches are never safe and beautiful girls pinch and scream, and as always we are finding new babes, this sponsor knows his women and Becky is a sure fire winner, again not just beautiful but a game fighter and she better be, going up against the great Rapture.  As usual the big blonde is using her strength to woman handle this newcomer but Becky proves to be more than just a pretty face, takes her just a bit to warm up but she is soon in full swing and we will be sure to see a lot more of her, she even wants more matches against Rapture and we will be shooting those soon.  Both babes finger and get fingered along with lots of fierce pinching of pussies and they do not neglect their mounds of breast flesh, nipples are ravaged.  Soon nude and tribbing, their strong legs grip as pussies slide together for pleasure but only one can remain on top and she gets to do the fucking and what fucking it is; on the ropes, from behind and a few other sensual surprises, deep goes that strap on for both pleasure and dominance.  We know you love big beautiful Rapture and now you will also love this fabulous new beauty, Becky. We work hard to get the girls for you and the girls work even harder to entertain you —— ENJOY  !!!!!!



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