Kit Mercer returns to the ring to go against newbie Silvia Saige, and they get a handle on protruding pussy lips and pinch, then plunge their fingers deep in a wild fingering fest.

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We have missed Kit Mercer with that amazing body and she has missed the ring so everybody was glad she she returned to go against a newbie; Silvia Saige, now this brunette may be new to the ring but she is a very physical lady that is ready to mix it up with a beautiful blonde.  And mix it up they do as wedgies are soon pulled high up their vulnerable centers – it’s a pussy match so they get a handle on their protruding pussy lips and pinch, then plunge their fingers deep, a wild fingering fest.  Of course they don’t forget their bountiful breasts as each beauty tweaks those perky nipples and the more they tweak the longer and harder they get.  Getting nude is not so simple for these wild women as they struggle mightily to rip the clothes off, roll and pull as those stockings just won’t come off and when off they use them to slice up their crotches.  Then off to the tribbing as the now wet pussies slide together to mutualy stimulate both sex players until we have a winner and for her prize she gets to fuck the loser.  The strap on is on and we are treated to many sexy positions as Silvia plunges her black cock deep into our beautiful blonde, stroking then slapping that gorgeous ass as she mounts her from behind, then spreading Kit’s legs over the ropes she pleasures her some more.  They’re physical, they’re beautiful and they are oh so sexy !!!!!!



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