Idelsy Love and Ember Snow start out with a test of strength that stretches their lean firm figures but once Ember goes to take off Idelsy’s bottoms and Idelsy leans back to kiss her sweet attacker, it’s all over — all sex from here on!!

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Oh have we missed both of these beauties: Idelsy Love and Ember Snow two super sexy tan babes, yes their brown bodies are so sexy. They start out with a test of strength that stretches their lean firm figures but once Idelsy goes to her knees Ember gets behind her and starts to knead her inviting breasts, looks painful but not to Idelsy, she loves it to much that when Ember goes to take off her bottoms she lifts that sweet ass high and then leans back and kisses her sweet attacker and once their tongues meet it’s all over — all sex from here on. And what great sex it is, Ember takes control as she mounts Idelsy and lets her tongue go crazy on those now erect nipples and as Idelsy moans loudly with pleasure Ember goes down to her pussy, now that tongue licks the red and I do mean red as Ember spreads that pussy so wide before she commits to her wet tongue attack – such a view we get, never will you see so much wet red. Idelsy gets so turned on she now takes her turn on this petit brown beauty and we realize Ember is as sexual getting as well as giving sex – both these ladies really love their sex which makes them so much fun to watch. With Ember’s Butt in the air Idelsy twists her arm behind her back so she can keep her right where she wants her as she adds a little pain to her pleasure, she oils up that beautiful behind, then rolls her over to oil up those sweet breasts and once oiled they are ready for some super hot tribbing, so hot – so excited she can’t help but bite that leg while rubbing those pussies together. Then some hot breast rubbing as those oily chests rub and finally more oral as Ember just can’t help but go after Idelsy’s pussy, she so loves watching this sexy brunette squirm and moan with pleasure — oh do these beauties love their sex, you will feel the sex love !!!!!!



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