Simon Kitty is doing battle with the big blonde beauty, Sharon White, and what a great contrast– the big blonde’s voluptuous body against the sleek brunette with the wild breasts! Sharon pins Simon against the wall, and as she aggressively rubs Simon’s pussy, the brunette’s whole body shakes– especially those lively tits!!

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Simon Kitty is back, yes by popular demand the thin brunette with the natural wild breasts is doing battle with the big blonde beauty, Sharon White. What a great contrast, the big blonde sports a voluptuous body and stern demeanor where the sleek brunette is as wild as her breasts – and trust me you will not see tits with more mesmerizing movement. It’s a sex fight that will captivate you, we see Sharon pin Simon against the wall as she aggressively rubs her pussy — the brunette’s whole body shakes but especially those lively tits – they dance, it’s hypnotic and the low view really makes it. To the floor the big blonde takes her, she pins her arms over her head and goes to work on that beautiful center – fingers penetrate deep as Simon gyrates, her sleek body swerves with each penetration as Sharon uses her beautiful bountiful butt for leverage. Not to be out done Ms. Kitty puts blondie against the wall and now it’s her turn to attack tits and pussy and then to the floor where she plants her muscular ass on those natural tits so she can face that pussy and yes – put her fingers deep as our blonde hums with disdain and pleasure. Back and forth these beauties go as we are treated to over thirty five minutes of super sexual jollification !!!!!!


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