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These two are so hot it’s appropriate we start out with with Kit Mercer fucking Audrey Miles against the ropes – these two just drip sex.  Kit enjoys fucking and Audrey can’t help but enjoy those long hard strokes.  Then kit takes her to the mat and from behind she lifts one leg high and enters her – so sexy as her butt cheeks tremble with each thrust.  Audrey wants more, so we are off on another battle with both our beauties now naked and fired up – they get right to it with lots of wild take downs that go straight to those vulnerable pussies, fingers go deep in now very wet centers as we get some of the best views ever, low on the floor so you feel right with the girls.  And when Audrey pins Kit’s arms behind her back and works her over, she really works her over, then splits kit’s legs wide and goes to her center but WAIT – Kit roll over backward with one hell of a move wrapping her legs around Audrey — these two are so much fun to watch.  Get ready because there is more great fucking for the end but what else would you expect from these two — SO GET READY, THE GIRLS ARE BACK IN TOWN AND READY TO RUMBLE !!!!!!