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The first half of this one was over thirty five minutes and this second part is over thirty because Simon Kitty and Sharon White just won’t quit – not when it comes to a sex fight. We open as Sharon sits on Simon’s face, a smother that forces oral satisfaction and just gets the girls ready for a whole new battle. They stand and do a mutual pussy grab, each driving fingers deep until to the wall Simon drives her foe where she kneels so she can really work over the blonde’s sweet pussy as we are treated to a perfect low view. Soon Simon has her prey on the mat and now it’s her turn to mount that pretty face for some oral stimulation, so much fun as we watch Simon get turned on, she gyrates and her amazing tits do that mesmerizing dance – like a cowgirl riding a wild horse. Soon Sharon is taking her turn at control, she is so good at getting the sex she wants as she plays with Simon’s tantalizing slender figure – she rides her from all angles till finally she forces another eating frenzy. Simon is licking Sharon’s pussy when Sharon uses her foot to pull Simon’s head in even closer so she can get that ultimate satisfaction — never saw that one before but then these natural Euro babes never cease to amaze – so get ready for over thirty minutes of awesomeness !!!!!!