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Sarah Taylor: a stunning ivory skinned beauty who is eager for a sex fight, yes another new babe at FFX, but this is no ordinary lady – Sarah is a real beauty but also loves to get physical — she is perfect for FFX and DT so I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of this stunner. Now who best to have her fight with, of course – Cassie Del Isla, because Cassie has become one of our most popular ladies and for good reason. Get ready this is a great one, we have Sarah with the whitest of skin and Cassie with her bronze glow and a ring that is ready to rock and these are two ladies that set that ring a reelin’. Cassie draws first blood, she gets Sarah in the corner and pinches those amazing nipples then pinches her protruding pussy lips, we’re off. Now Sarah is pretty new to wrestling but she did have a DT match with Cassie and beat her, she is a natural and when she gets her turn at destruction she proves to be amazing as she puts her sweet white ass on Cassie and shoves her fingers deep in Cassie’s juicy center. Back and forth they go in this fabulous match, Sarah does some of the best tribbing with her amazing ass and some oral that has Cassie screaming with delight. Get ready – this new beauty will captivate you and Cassie just adds icing on the cake !!!!!!