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Those damn spies, always causing trouble but this may be the best way ever to settle their dispute — yes, a sex fight. Kimora Quinin her amazing boots; sleek, shinny, high boots that accentuate her seductive long legs – she dresses then challenges Nicole Aria to a spy sex fight on the phone, Nicole accepts. Soon Kimora meets Nicole in a bedroom where the fight begins on the bed and soon we are into a 69 oral sex duo where we get great views of these gorgeous babes and if you want to see the future of Femfighters and DT look no further than these two gorgeous wild women – bodies and faces that beguile. Nicole is soon drilling Kim’s pussy with a sleek vibrator, Kimora throws her long booted legs across the bed as she squirms with pleasure. Next the ladies break out a two headed dildo and we are treated to so many sexy position: face to face they slide it in and wiggle with glee as Kim even uses her big boot to subdue, next and my favorite, they go butt to butt and slide it in – these are two fabulous behinds with just enough jiggle to excite and they even have a few more positions with this double headed pleasure torpedo. Let’s add some pain to all this pleasure as Kimora clamps on some tight nipple clamps to Nicole’s erect nipples and then goes back to fucking her and going deep and hard. Soooooo much sex here, so get in your most comfortable chair, lean back and watch these two amazing beauties in one tantalizing spy sex fight for the ages !!!!!!