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Nobody can tame these titties, not when these two tribbers get tribbing – so get ready for the continuation of this tribb fest because Simon Kitty and Kira Queen are riding high and hard. All the tribb fans loved that first one so it’s time to see who the winner is, we start with Kira getting to choose the next position, she choses scissors where she can lift Simon’s leg high and lock her pussy on as she rubs her to orgasmic bliss – yes when these two wet pussies slide together these ladies just can’t help but get excited, so much so their whole bodies shake with glee and those beautiful chests start gyrating. Next Simon gets on top and watching her ride is a real treat but for me the best is when they go butt to butt with legs intertwined so their wet centers collide. Many more positions bring so much TRIBBulation and we will have to pay TRIBBute to these wonderful tribbers for this fabulous TRIBB FEST !!!!!!