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Black is back and we are so happy, Misty Stone is taking on Ana Foxxx and you may not believe this but Misty is giving the Foxxx a real talking to – ok you do believe it because nobody can talk like Misty, so if you ever want to hear a super dressing down, just hit the button and PLAY MISTY FOR ME. They start out with a super test of strength, then comes the rolling and holds, the sleek muscular foxy Foxxx is no match for the larger wild beauty who uses her substantial well-formed ass to subdue her foe. Chokes and scissors finally do in the sexy one and now Misty gets to have her way with this beauty as the deal was who ever wins gets a sex slave and what a sex slave because Ana not only does as she is told but does it with the nest of one who enjoys sex. Oral sex from the front and back, yes Misty has that pretty face high into her ass as she wiggles those sweet cheeks and then grabs some hair and pulls her hard into her pussy where the tongue licks hard and deep. But Misty also wants to do enjoy this vanquished beauty so Ana is treated to some exhilarating oral and now all are pleased — and I do mean ALL !!!!!!