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Where do we get em – nobody has more beautiful ladies in a ring than we do, no wait one other group does – DT, yes, and we got these beauties from DT. Isabel Love is one gorgeous brunette and Sarah Taylor is a sticking blonde, you have already met Sarah and everyone was very impressed, so we wanted to get her back in and she is perfect for this spunky beauty. These ladies are fresh off of a DT match together and Isabel wants revenge and oh does she get it, soon she is dropping that amazing ass on that beautiful blonde face, then pinching those sweet pussy lips but don’t count Sarah out as she is soon pinching Isabel’s perky nipples, then to the mat so she can send her fingers deep into her wet pussy. Now these ladies may be new but you wouldn’t know it, these babes are fabulous – they really go for it and you are going to love watching them. And when Isabel gets her revenge, well let’s just say Sarah gets some deep penetration as Isabel loves slamming it with that strap on. So nice when Isabel splits Sarah’s legs wide and sends her cock deed inside. These ladies are super sexy and do they love to roll – you want to be entertained — trust me, you will be entertained !!!!!!