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Zazie Skymm is one hot bombshell Russian who is going after her rival Nesty in a sex battle. A frightened Nesty tells her to come over, Zazie shows up in her super high heels and black neoprene body suit. Nesty is stunned as this Russian babe takes control with wild wet kisses, then pushes Nesty down as she strokes her breasts and pussy. Nesty’s natural slim body quivers as Zazie kisses her breasts – Zazie unzips the bottom of her black shinny suit and says – lick me. Soon they are in a 69 position sucking and licking pussies till they are going sex wild. To take her foe all the way to sexual bliss she gets out a double sided dildo and inserts it deep in Nesty’s wet pussy, then drives it deep in her own soaked pussy. Both ladies start gyrating as lust overtakes them – faster harder, Nesty is going wild and then Zazie takes her over the edge when she grabs her foot and sucks her toes — wild she goes, and she will take you with her !!!!!!